Ardahan’s famous Damal dolls to be sold worldwide

Ardahan’s famous Damal dolls to be sold worldwide

Ardahan’s famous Damal dolls to be sold worldwide

"Damal Doll House,” built specially for the production and sale of Damal dolls, which is one of the symbols of the eastern province of Ardahan, is counting down days for its opening.

Known with the name of the district of Damal, the dolls wearing traditional clothes will be produced and sold in the new facility. This way, the dolls are expected to have a place in the Turkish and the international market.

The model of the Damal doll placed in front of the building built in the garden of the Ardahan Governor's Office and the Ardahan writing are already attracting attention.

The trainees who will make production at the Damal Doll House are looking forward to starting work at the facility, which is planned to be opened after the new type of coronavirus outbreak ends.

For the first time in the city, a special activity will be carried out in a building for the Damal doll, which was inspired by the clothes of Turkmen women and the statue of which was erected in Damal district.

Speaking to the state-run Anadolu Agency, Ardahan Governor Mustafa Masatlı said that the Damal doll is a significant value for the region.

Stating that they want to keep this value alive and introduce it to more people, Masatlı said, “In this building, all the works and procedures related to the Damal doll will be carried out. The existing Public Education Center courses will be moved here. Our master trainers, who produce the dolls at the Public Education Center will produce them in their own building here. Therefore, our Damal baby will reach more places.”

Stating that the building is a very important infrastructure for the future of the Damal doll, Masatlı said, “The Damal doll, Çıldır Lake, Ardahan honey and Ardahan cheddar are among our important values. Our responsibility is to keep our values alive. We are still waiting but after the epidemic the building will open and our dolls will open to Turkey and the world from here. We aim to reach larger audiences and find a market.”

“There is a high demand for the Damal doll and we try to meet the demands. Of course, our production will be more efficient in our own building. For this reason, the building special for the doll is extremely important. So, we believe we will be more productive,” Melek Hocaoğlu, the master trainer at the Ardahan Public Education Center, said.