‘Archangel of Death’ cons Turkish woman: Report

‘Archangel of Death’ cons Turkish woman: Report

‘Archangel of Death’ cons Turkish woman: Report A man has conned a Turkish woman out of some 5,000 Turkish Liras worth of gold in Istanbul by claiming he was Azrael, the Archangel of Death, Turkish media reported April 22.

The con-man knocked on the door of the 49-year-old woman, who was identified as a veterinarian named S.H. in the western province of Kocaeli, according to daily Bugün.

“I am Azrael. I am here to take your soul. Immediately atone for your sins,” the man, dressed entirely in black, reportedly told the woman after she answered her door, before asking her to give all her money to the person “who will come to the building in five minutes.”

According to the report, the man’s accomplice entered the building soon afterward, apparently posing as a passer-by who was going upstairs in the building. “This man asked me for money, please help me,” the woman reportedly said, but the “passer-by” answered, “What man? We are alone here.”

Surprised and panicked, the victim gave him all the gold she had, worth some 5,000 liras, the report said.

Police have launched a probe into the fake Azrael and his co-conspirator, as the woman understood she was conned following a talk with his husband who came home hours after the incident.