Anti-vaxxer threatens pro-vaccine professor

Anti-vaxxer threatens pro-vaccine professor

Meltem Özgenç - ANKARA
Anti-vaxxer threatens pro-vaccine professor

A prominent infectious diseases physician, who has been a target of anti-vaxxers recently, has been threatened with two “calf tongues” placed in front of her office room.

“My secretary and security units found two calf tongues left on the stairs of my floor,” Esin Davutoğlu Şenol said, adding that she has been receiving death threats from anti-vaxxers for a long time.

“The assailant, who was identified by security cameras and is a member of the ‘Great Awakening Association’ [an anti-vaccination group], shared the details of his murder plan on social media,” the professor said.

The professor also pointed out that the assailant sent threats through people around her, such as the parking lot attendant and cafe worker at the hospital.

Saying that impunity is incitement to crime, Davutoğlu Şenol called for action against the assailant.

The assailant was found to be a swindler, who claims to be a gynecologist and oncologist, said Şenol, who was given protection, noting that the assailant has no diploma and uses fake titles.

The police, who started the research after taking Şenol’s statement, caught the suspect, M.Y., in Eskişehir and released him after questioning.

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