Anna Laudel Contemporary presents three solo exhibitions

Anna Laudel Contemporary presents three solo exhibitions

Anna Laudel Contemporary presents three solo exhibitions

Anna Laudel Contemporary in Istanbul continues its exhibition program with solo shows of three contemporary artists using different mediums and techniques. 

Opening on Nov. 15, the exhibitions will showcase “Happy at Nowhere” by Ekin Su Koç, “Another World” by Tuğçe Diri and “States of Being” by Tülay İçöz. The works of the artists are focusing on themes ranging from migration and identity; the link between traditional cultural infrastructure and current production practices to the process of existence and the universe. 

In “Happy at Nowhere,” Koç, who works with the themes of migration, sense of belonging and body perception, allows us to observe the process her moving from one country to another and keeping the pieces of her own roots together. Fish bones, Ottoman fabrics, maps, black and white photos from old immigrant houses, lace, images and pieces of different hair models/colors, sexless or multi-sex figures; all these details in the artist’s works reform and shape a whole body composed of different body parts. 

Tuğçe Diri describes her work “Another World” as an effort to place her vital reality plastically, which is based on her experience and the geography that she lives in. 

The artist works with different mediums such as drawing on paper, canvas and lace, acrylic on canvas. Although the artist uses contemporary forms of expression, traditional arts are the starting point of the production process of her. 

The search for a link between the traditional culture and the contemporary production practices can be observed in paper works, influenced by the art of illumination. 

Diri’s works are influenced by Ursula K. Le Guin. By reinterpreting the forms in nature, there are ambiguous realms that the tissues expand on the surface. 

In “States of Being,” İçöz’s practice of sculpture is based on the ideas of existence of universe and human beings. The sculptures shows the dynamism and incompleteness in the process of existence. 

Some parts of the sculptures are static, some of them are dynamic, and they have the possibility of cyclical or routine movement that carries the possibilities of existence and absence. Therefore, these sculptures constantly move as concrete beings in which the waves of existence, sensual and spiritual energies have been made visible since the Big Bang. 

The exhibitions will run through Jan. 6, 2019.