All-female band rocks on to inspire women across Turkey

All-female band rocks on to inspire women across Turkey

ANKARA - Anadolu Agency
All-female band rocks on to inspire women across Turkey

Performing now for three years, all-female Turkish band Marla aims to inspire women to enter rock amid prejudice in the male-dominated genre.

The group's five members, all in their twenties, are based in Turkey's capital Ankara and have come together despite backgrounds in different disciplines from medicine to French literature.

Bass guitarist Esra Hasandayıoğlu, Ekin Gülmez and Burcu Özbek on the guitar, drummer Busra Vanliolu and vocalist Tuğçe Kaymaz have played many gigs over three years across Turkey.

At the beginning of the band, Hasandayıoğlu said they wanted to create a new female character, both independent of Marla's members and bearing some common characteristics with them.

They were inspired by the iconic character of Marla Singer from the movie Fight Club in naming the band, she said.

"Even if we differ in some ways in our conception of music, music is a power that connects us," added Hasandayıoğlu.

Highlighting the disadvantages of being a woman in the rock world dominated by male soloists, she said female rockers sometimes faced bias by both by venues, audiences and their male counterparts.

On the other hand, Hasandayıoğlu said the group was also often treated "much more politely" because they are women.

"Also, watching five women on stage can encourage our female audience. This motivates us very much," she underlined.

Hopefully, we can be a source of inspiration for someone, she added.