AKP’s Turkey no model to Mideast: Opposition

AKP’s Turkey no model to Mideast: Opposition

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AKP’s Turkey no model to Mideast: Opposition

Arab countries do not need a model, CHP Deputy Chair Faruk Loğoğlu says. DAILY NEWS photo, Emrah GÜREL

The countries involved in the “Arab Spring” have no need of any regional for the future, the main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) has said, noting that Arab neighbors appreciated the party’s stance that Ankara should not interfere in their developments.

“The Arab countries have as many features in common as they have features that are divergent,” CHP Deputy Chair Faruk Loğoğlu told journalists yesterday at the end of a two-day international conference called “Seasons in Change: The Arab People’s March for Democracy and Freedom” that was held by the CHP in Istanbul.

“[They believe] they will develop their unique path without the need for foreign models,” he added.
“The national resources of the Arab nations should be used for the benefit of the people. The international community should act in accordance with law and legitimacy at all times and help put an end to violence and extend humanitarian aid to those in need,” Loğoğlu said.

In the interests of ending violence and starting a political process in Syria, the CHP supports the process initiated by the United Nations Security Council, Loğoğlu said.

“The plan of the special representative of U.N. and the Arab League, Kofi Annan, needs to be implemented with all of its components, and it should be emphasized that the responsibility for putting an end to violence belongs to all sides in Syria. The Syrian government is invited to take quick steps to resolve the humanitarian crisis in the country,” Loğoğlu added.

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