AKP slams 'dictatorships' criticizing Turkish vote

AKP slams 'dictatorships' criticizing Turkish vote

ANKARA- Anadolu Agency
AKP slams dictatorships criticizing Turkish vote

Dictatorships and countries with sham democracies have no standing to criticize Turkey's weekend elections, said the spokesperson of Turkey's ruling party on April 2.

"Dictatorships with no democratic track record or less than 10 percent voter turnout have no right to criticize Turkey's elections," Ömer Çelik, spokesperson of AKP, told reporters.       

Çelik blasted the "dictators" in the region "who win 99 percent of the vote in elections that have less than 10 percent voter turnout."       

He added that the 84 percent voter turnout in Sunday's local elections is proof of the strength of Turkish democracy.       

Turning to the party's challenge of preliminary results in the Istanbul mayoral race, Çelik said the party abides by the rules and regulations of the Supreme Election Council and will continue to closely follow the process under the law.       

Çelik called on main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) to avoid "harmful" remarks and "manipulative actions."       

"This is a legal and transparent process observed by the representatives of all parties. We must avoid premature explanations," Çelik said.       

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