Adana children’s choir sings in five languages

Adana children’s choir sings in five languages

ADANA - Anatolia News Agency
Adana children’s choir sings in five languages

A children’s choir in Adana is trained to perform songs in five languages. AA photo

A children’s choir, founded with the support of the Ceyhan Police Directorate in the Mediterranean province of Adana, are able to sing songs in five different languages as part of a project organized by the district’s police directorate.

The project, named “Gönül Teli,” aims to contribute to the psychological and social improvement of the kids in neighborhoods affected by migration. The idea is to try to prevent them from getting involved in criminal gangs by leading them to social and artistic practices.

Within the project, music teachers trained 40 students in solo performance, while six students were provided with music education in the languages of Turkish, Kurdish, Romani, Circassian and Arabic.
The choir held its first performance at the school. Ceyhan Governor Gürbüz Karakuş, District Police Chief Celal Özcan, Gendarmerie Commander Erdal Yılmaz, National Education Director Mustafa Yaylacı, school principals, teachers and parents attended the concert.

Karakuş said the people of all regions were brothers and that everyone should live in unity and solidarity regardless of religion and ethnicity.