7th Konya science festival kicks off

7th Konya science festival kicks off

KONYA-Anadolu Agency
7th Konya science festival kicks off

A three-day science festival kicked off on Oct. 4 in the central Anatolian province of Konya.

Organized by the Konya Metropolitan Municipality and Governor of Konya, the festival has brought together young technophiles and scientists, in the pilgrimage city of Konya, known for the tomb of Sufi saint and philosopher Jalaleddin Rumi and whirling dervishes.

The theme of the Konya Science Festival is, “You can do too”.

More than 100 workshops, science exhibitions, competitions, simulations and other events have been arranged during the festival.

At many stalls, organizers are providing training in robotics coding, stock market and 3D printing, besides introducing young minds to nanotechnology, biotechnology, engineering and architecture.

Turkish made drones, ATAK helicopter, TB2 Armed UAV, and Konya-based Karatay University’s training planes, displayed at the festival are big draw among visitors.

The festival is open to visitors at 10.00-18.00 for next three days.