5 memorable videos from Istanbul’s tense May Day

5 memorable videos from Istanbul’s tense May Day

5 memorable videos from Istanbul’s tense May Day Turkish officials’ refusal to open Taksim Square to May Day ceremonies resulted in battles around the city and traffic chaos due to transport closures, with police ultimately succeeding in preventing entry to Istanbul’s symbolic plaza. 

From policemen and protesters taking selfies in front of armored vehicles to children affected by tear gas in their homes, many memorable images emerged from May Day 2014.

Here are 5 videos which were among the most watched on Hürriyet on May 1:

1) Young demonstrators dance the traditional “halay” while confronting police in the Şişli district, before being dispersed by tear gas and water cannon as they dance. (Video: Doğan News Agency / Özgür Altuncu - Ünsal Çakin)

After a group caught a policeman alone in Şişli, some men tried to lynch him, while others managed to save him.

Some residents in the Beşiktaş district, including children, had to evacuate their homes after being severely affected by the intense tear gas. (Video: Hürriyet / Fırat Alkaç)

A group of demonstrators uses a slingshot to target the police with firecrackers. (Video: Hürriyet / Sebati Karakurt)

Doğan News Agency footage shows a police officer firing rubber bullets at a demonstrator near the Okmeydanı Hospital from a distance of only five meters. According to regulations, rubber bullets must be fired from at least 25 meters.