2 killed after tour boat capsizes off Antalya

2 killed after tour boat capsizes off Antalya

ANTALYA – Anadolu Agency
2 killed after tour boat capsizes off Antalya

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Marine and harbor teams on Sept. 3 have rescued 84 people and found the bodies of two people missing from a tour boat that was capsized off Antalya after being hit by a strong storm.

A total of 84 people who became stranded on the tourist boat “Kurt C” when it capsized on its way back to Antalya’s old town marina have been saved, while one was killed and the operations to find one other who was also present on the boat were ongoing. 

Out of those rescued, 38 had been taken to hospital and 36 were reportedly released after their health conditions were deemed normal. The two others were reportedly under observation by health personnel, according to an official statement released by the Antalya Governor’s Office.  

The statement added operations by dive teams supported by Coast Guard helicopters would begin to locate the two missing individuals. 

It also added that three people who were on a plastic boat off the Küçük Çaltıcak area between Antalya and its Kemer district during the storm were also rescued after their boat sank. 

Meanwhile, the identity of the one killed was disclosed as 35-year-old Istanbul resident Serap Çelik, who took the tour with her two cousins and Lebanese Samira Frayha. While the cousins were rescued, Çelik was found dead in the boat’s kitchen by the rescue teams. Frayha was also found on the boat's machine room.