Turkish firm produces one-man submarine

Turkish firm produces one-man submarine

BURSA- Anadolu Agency
Turkish firm produces one-man submarine

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A company in Bursa has produced a submarine for a single person and presented it to the tourism sector.

“The vehicle is produced for the exploration of the underwater, as well as for sporting activities,” said the manager of the company producing the device, Burçin Doğan.

This vehicle was produced after two years of research and development work by a team of 10. The submarine is able to travel at 2.5 nautical miles an hour.

“The ‘Adrenalin Scuba Doo’ is very easy to use; experienced or inexperienced people may use it. This product is environmentally friendly and economical.
This sea vehicle can be used by a 10-year-old kid because it is like a motorcycle with a rudder,” she said.

“One doesn’t have to know how to swim so it can be used by non-swimmers also.

If you have an extra tube in your submarine, then it provides you 20 minutes oxygen.

The weight of the product battery and tube included is 100 kilograms and they have produced three submarines so far.”

Doğan also said the submersible would sell for about $5,000.

“The Adrenalin Scuba Doo has received attention in Dubai, Egypt, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States, as well as in Turkey,” she said.