Zeugma to double number of visitors

Zeugma to double number of visitors

Zeugma to double number of visitors The Zeugma Mosaic Museum, which holds the title of being the world’s largest mosaic museum, is aiming to increase the number of visitors with its newly opened section. 

The museum, which opened nearly six years ago on an area of 30,000 square meters in the southeastern province of Gaziantep, draws many local and foreign tourists visiting the city. 

A new section opened a month ago opposite the current museum, which also holds the Presidency Culture and Arts Grand Award. 

The new three-storey section displays mosaics from the 4th and 5th centuries. The artifacts in the section mostly have animal figures. 

Culture and Tourism Provincial Director Bülent Öztürk told state-run Anadolu Agency that the Zeugma Mosaic Museum opened in 2011 and began displaying mosaics unearthed during excavations in the region. 

“Last month, section B of the museum opened to visitors. Nearly 3,000 square meters of mosaics are on display in this section. The mosaics there are mostly from the Eastern Roman Empire in the 4th and 5th centuries,” he said. 

Öztürk said the mosaics were unearthed during rescue excavations. “We see mosaics from the period after the Romans embraced Christianity. Some mosaics have religious motifs. The other mosaics mostly have mythological motifs. Visitors of the museum have the chance to see the new mosaics in section B. We were very pleased with the number of visitors in July. There is great demand on the weekends despite the hot weather. Our goal is to increase the number of visitors with the new section,” he added.  

The Gaziantep museum is the largest mosaic museum in the world. 
“The museum’s new section has three floors. There is a transition from sections A to B. One can also see the mosaics on the walking routes. There is a project initiated with the slogan ‘It is time to go to Gaziantep.’ We expect more visitors in September and October. Come here to see the Zeugma Mosaic Museum; let half of your mind and heart remain here,” he said.