Yıldız Moran exhibition in France

Yıldız Moran exhibition in France

FERNEY-VOLTAIRE - Anadolu Agency
Yıldız Moran exhibition in France

An exhibition displaying the works of Yıldız Moran, Turkey’s first professionally educated female photographer, has opened in the French Ferney Voltaire district on the border with Switzerland. 

The exhibition was organized at the initiation of Jean-Louis Cardahi, the owner of Espace Candide art gallery. 

Moran’s son Gün Arun, Turkey’s Consul-General to Lyon Özgür Çakar and many Turkish and foreign guests attended the opening reception of the exhibition. 

Çakar said he enjoyed the exhibition, adding: “Moran, despite the technology of that time, captured images against the light in such a way that cannot be solved. She used an extraordinary technique.” 

“We opened the exhibition in memory of all Turkish women and the women of the world. This is not only a photography exhibition but a monument of art. Human life was featured very well,” Cardahi said. 

The exhibition will run through April 13.