‘World’s most ridiculous building’ to be demolished

‘World’s most ridiculous building’ to be demolished

‘World’s most ridiculous building’ to be demolished

A public structure in the Mediterranean province of Kahramanmaraş, mostly known for being “the most ridiculous” or “the weirdest building in the world” in Google searches, will be demolished, the province’s mayor has said.

“The building will be demolished in four months,” Hayrettin Güngör said at a press conference.

The structure, located on Trabzon Street, was built in 1994 and called “the yellow building” for years by locals. However, its fame outstripped the province and the country when the search engine Google started showing its photos to people who searched “the most ridiculous building,” or “the weirdest building” in the world.

It was 2019 when the municipality decided to pull down the building and put it out for tender.

Trying to defend the structure, the mayor noted, “It was constructed in line with that time’s conditions 30 years ago. However, yes, it has always been an object at issue.”

The demolishment of the 18-story building will cost some 6.6 million Turkish Liras ($480,000) to the contracting firm.

Once the building is pulled down, a new agora with a landscape design will be formed in the area.