Woman raped by boyfriend while comatose

Woman raped by boyfriend while comatose

Ceylan Sever - DÜZCE
Woman raped by boyfriend while comatose

A young woman in western Turkey has died after her boyfriend raped her while she lay comatose, the prosecution said in an indictment, asking the court to jail the man for up to 43 years.

According to the indicment prepared by Bakırköy Chief Prosecutor’s Office, the 20-year-old woman, identified as Kübra H., became acquainted with the 28-year-old Caner B. online in 2016.

Kübra H., who was living in the western Turkish province Düzce, travelled to Istanbul to meet Caner B. on December 23, 2016. They went to the seaside with Caner B.’s two nephews and drank alcohol.

After they drank alcohol, the indictment said, the young woman fell into a diabetic coma. Disregarding her critical health status, Caner B. carried the woman on his back to a hotel room in Istanbul’s Beylikdüzü district and raped her there until the following morning, according to the prosecutor.

The indictment includes security camera footage showing Caner B. carrying the unconscious Kübra H. to the apartment, as well as autopsy results revealing that the woman was raped when she was in coma.

Caner B. pleaded not guilty in the first hearing at the Bakırköy 16th Heavy Penal Court on June 29.

“She wanted me to carry her on my back to the room. Then she wanted to have sex and we did. She was alive when I woke up the following day as she was snoring. I took her to a hospital after she did not wake up despite my attempts,” the suspect said, claiming that her death was the hospital’s fault.

“We had a serious relationship. We were planning to marry soon. If she had told me that she had diabetes, I would never let her drink alcohol,” the man added.

The court ruled in the first hearing to proceed the case by listening to witnesses, as the suspect remains under arrest.

The prosecutor seeks jail sentences up to 43 years for Caner B. over sexual assault and leading to death due to negligence.

His cousin, İdris B., could be jailed for up to 24 years, while the prosecutor seeks three years of jail sentence for another cousin.

A diabetic coma can be the result of having a blood glucose level that is too high (hyperglycemia) or a blood glucose level that is too low (hypoglycemia),  according to Diabetes Library.

It is one of the most life-threatening complications of diabetes.

Its main symptom is unconsciousness and it can be fatal if the condition is not treated.