Woman confesses to killing sexual abuser driver who said ‘love me or kill me’

Woman confesses to killing sexual abuser driver who said ‘love me or kill me’

Woman confesses to killing sexual abuser driver who said ‘love me or kill me’ A Turkish woman, identified only as Semra Ç., has confessed to killing an unlicensed taxi driver last year who told her to be his lover, facing 18 years in jail on charges of murder, daily Sabah has reported. 

“He forced me into becoming his lover. He said, ‘either I or you will die. You will be mine tonight. And tomorrow we’ll solemnize our marriage. Otherwise, kill me with the gun in the car,” daily Sabah quoted the woman as saying on May 1. 

The woman said she used the decedent’s knife placed next to the gear shift as there was no gun in the vehicle. 

“There was no gun in the car. He had previously placed the knife next to the gear shift, saying ‘kill me with this [knife] if there is no gun.’ So, I stabbed the knife into his heart and back,” she said. 

After committing the murder, the woman went into the driver’s seat and drove aimlessly “until the gas ran out,” according to her reported testimony. 

“I surrendered [to police] in the morning,” she said. 

The police reportedly found a notebook, believed to belong to the man, in the vehicle, with a note in it that said “I wanted to die myself. I handed the gun myself to Semra.”

Prosecutors are seeking 18 years of imprisonment for the woman and demanding that she be punished for murder with unjust provocation. The court decided on the continuation of the imprisonment of the woman, adjourning the trial to a later date.

The killed pirate taxi driver was reported to have been constantly abusing and following the woman for the last two years before the murder in November 2016. 

Semra Ç. said in the court that she had to change her address a couple of times as the obsessed driver would not stop following her. 

“He even wrote ‘Let them bury us in the same grave when I die’ on his social media account,” she said. 

The woman also told the court that the man had twice come to her house and forced her into having non-consensual sexual intercourse. 

In her testimony, she noted that even though she did not want to continue the relationship, the man had forced her with threats and blackmails. 

She said she had even screamed “enough” and thought about jumping off the balcony after another rape by the driver.