Windstorm hits Istanbul, northern Aegean

Windstorm hits Istanbul, northern Aegean

ISTANBUL-Demirören News Agency
Windstorm hits Istanbul, northern Aegean

A strong “Lodos” wind in Istanbul and other northern provinces caused a number of cancelations in marine transportation as citizens were warned about possible strong rainstorms.

The speed of southwester wind floated between 50 and 80 kilometers per hour, according to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.

The air temperature, increased by the Lodos storm to 18 degrees Celsius, is expected to slump to 10 degrees Celsius on Dec. 1 with winds coming from the north, the municipality said, adding that fire department, sewerage systems, environmental protection and parks units will be on full alert against heavy rain during the weekend.

Several fishing boats moored on the shore of Silivri district were overturned by high waves.

Meanwhile, some of the ferry rides between the mainland of Çanakkale province and the Bozcaada island were canceled due to strong wind. The ferry lines in the Çanakkale Strait, or the Dardanelles, and ferry services to the island of Gökçeada were carried on with delays.

The meteorology service warned residents of north Aegean and Marmara region provinces against heavy rain, hailstorm, flash flood and carbon monoxide heater poisoning.