Vice principal’s ‘adultery’ comments over folk dance draw reaction from CHP

Vice principal’s ‘adultery’ comments over folk dance draw reaction from CHP

MALATYA – Doğan News Agency
Vice principal’s ‘adultery’ comments over folk dance draw reaction from CHP

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Veli Ağbaba, the deputy head of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), has criticized a vice principal of a school in the eastern province of Malatya for comments suggesting folk dancing is similar to “adultery.” 

Ağbaba said the mindset of the vice principal, identified as N.T., is no different than that of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

“A mindset that accepts folk dancing as adultery is no different than ISIL’s mindset. The existence of a sick mindset, which accepts the murder of a girl and a boy for holding hands as normal. A sick person with this mindset, above all a teacher with the aforementioned perception, is dangerous and unacceptable,” Ağbaba said April 11, while showing a picture with the caption that the vice principal allegedly shared on his Facebook account.

Speaking to journalists, Ağbaba said folk dancing was among the values that makes Anatolia what it is.

Malatya Gazi Anatolian High School Vice Principal N.T. shared a photo of a group of male and female students folk dancing, while criticizing the parents of the students for allowing their children to dance with the opposite sex.

“Which father wants his 16- or 17-year-old daughter to dance knee to knee, eye to eye, shoulder to shoulder in a close embrace while holding a boy’s hand? Does he, who murders for honor, allow this? I don’t think he will. Which part of this folk dancing is in line with Islam? Is it halal when one wears traditional clothes? Fathers and mothers, the adultery issue in Islam should be read,” N.T. allegedly wrote.

The vice principle has also previously directed insults at the CHP on Facebook, according to reports.
Speaking about the reactions against the vice principal, Malatya’s provincial director of education, Ali Tatlı, said inspectors were examining the post and that an investigation into the case was “likely to be” opened.
“We can’t accept these comments. Folk dancing has been a part of our culture for centuries,” Tatlı said.

Meanwhile, a group of parents whose children are studying at the school gathered in front of the institution to condemn N.T.’s comments early on April 11. Speaking on behalf of the parents in a press briefing, Hasan Özdemir said they were demanding the vice principal’s suspension.