US city dedicates day to Turkish-origin teen over charity work

US city dedicates day to Turkish-origin teen over charity work

US city dedicates day to Turkish-origin teen over charity work

Jan. 23 has been named “Kenan Pala Day,” after a 13-year-old Turkish-origin teenager, in the U.S.’s San Diego city for his project that helps homeless people in the state of California.

Kenan Pala, who is a student at the San Diego Francis Parker School, founded a charity named “Kids 4 community” with his classmates, giving lessons to homeless people for a year under the roof of the charity.

Kristin Gaspar, a member of the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, said Pala was doing useful work.

“Kenan is doing important and useful work for the homeless in our city with the organization established by the young students under his leadership,” she said.

"Last year, more than 8,000 packs of food, beverages, soaps, shampoos and wet wipes were packed and prepared for homeless people. They were donated to many institutions for homeless people in the U.S. Some 3,000 lunches were also provided for the people of San Diego. More than 500 families received clothing as well as financial aid for education and living expenses. On New Year’s, gifts were donated to more than 2,000 children," she added. 

Pala’s work has been praised not only by his school but also by his local community. He also appeared in an hour-long program on the CBS-8 TV station.

Pala said that he knew very well the significance of helping people, adding that his family too received help when they came to the U.S.

“My parents came from Turkey to San Diego. If they had not received help from our loved ones, we would not be able to come here. That’s why I feel indebted to help people. Ever since I started walking, I have been helping people. There are three million people in San Diego. If everybody helps, there will be three million people helping every day. I invite people living in San Diego to help,” he said.

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