Turks attack American soldiers in southern Turkey

Turks attack American soldiers in southern Turkey

Turks attack American soldiers in southern Turkey

The footage shows that eight Turks trapped an American soldier and put a bag over his head in October 2011 in the Aegean province of Bodrum, protesting the events that took place in 2003 in Suleymaniye, in which Turkish soldiers were detained with bags over their heads by American troops. DHA Photo

Seven Turks have attacked American soldiers and tried to put bags over their heads in the southern province of Antalya, daily Hürriyet reported today.

The attackers, who were reportedly members of the Turkish Youth Association (TGB), at first verbally attacked the American soldiers, who had left an American aircraft carrier moored off of Antalya to shop.

Police intervened in the incident and detained the seven men when they tired to put bags over the American soldiers' heads. A group of TGB members gathered in front of the police station to protest the detention of their friends.

The detained men were later released.

A group member said they had put bags over the heads of the American soldiers in response to the deaths of two Turkish soldiers who were killed when a Turkish jet was downed off the coast of Syria June 22.

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