Türkiye ranks 37th on Global Innovation Index

Türkiye ranks 37th on Global Innovation Index

Türkiye ranks 37th on Global Innovation Index

Türkiye has ranked 37th among 132 countries on the Global Innovation Index announced by the United Nations’ World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the best in its history.

Making a historic advance, Türkiye managed to enter the top 40 on the index for the first time after rising 14 places in the last two years.

The country also maintained its fourth place among upper-middle-income countries.

Türkiye outperformed the same group’s averages in six of the seven main parameters, while “creative outputs” was the parameter in which Türkiye performed best.

In this parameter, Türkiye ranked 15th with an increase of 20 places compared to the previous year and ranked first among the North African and West Asian countries. In the “versatility of markets,” it rose 12 places and ranked 37th.

The report also emphasized that Istanbul and the capital Ankara are home to two leading “science and technology clusters.” Istanbul ranked 46th among the best science and technology clusters, surpassing Brussels, Barcelona and Zurich, with a rise of four places.

“Türkiye is at the highest level in its history. The research and development works and innovation ecosystem that we have built from scratch in 20 years will continue to write new success stories,”
Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank stated.

Noting that they have implemented policies and mechanisms that support innovation with the vision of the “National Technology Initiative” for Türkiye, Varank underlined that the index is an effective policy tool in evaluating and developing the innovation performance of countries.

“Innovation is strengthening its place among the main determinants of economic growth and competitiveness in the international arena,” Trade Minister Mehmet Muş said, reiterating that the government will continue to support technology and innovation-oriented studies.

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