Turkish woman killed by fiancé

Turkish woman killed by fiancé

ELAZIĞ - Doğan News Agency (DHA)
Turkish woman killed by fiancé

Medya Oral was killed by her fiancé. DHA photo

A young woman was shot and killed by her fiancé yesterday, after seeking to end the relationship. 

Twenty-year-old Medya Oral and 25-year-old Mehmet Akif Yıldırım had been engaged for five months when Oral said she wanted end their relationship.Yıldırım refused to end the engagement.

Yıldırım visited Oral at her father's home and told her family that he wanted to speak to her alone. The couple went into a room and began having a loud argument, which was soon followed by the sound of a single gunshot. Yıldırım left the room with a gun in his hand and fled the scene. Oral's relatives found the young woman lying on the floor in a pool of blood with a single bullet wound to her chest. 

Oral died on the scene, while Yıldırım surrendered to the police and was placed under arrest.

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