Turkish teacher calling for anti-skirt ‘harassment teams’ removed from duty

Turkish teacher calling for anti-skirt ‘harassment teams’ removed from duty

ANTALYA – Doğan News Agency
Turkish teacher calling for anti-skirt ‘harassment teams’ removed from duty

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The vice principal of a Turkish high school who raised eyebrows after suggesting the formation of “harassment teams” to prevent female students from wearing short skirts, has been relieved from administrative duty and reappointed to another school as a plain teacher, according to the Education Ministry.

“According to the preliminary report prepared by evaluating the information the students and teachers gave during the investigation, it was decided by the [Antalya] Governor’s Office that the deputy principal of the Kepez Atatürk Anatolian High School, F.G., would be relieved from administrative duties and transferred to another school in the province,” read the announcement issued by the Education Ministry on Feb. 21.

Antalya Deputy Gov. Hüseyin Ece said F.G. was appointed to the Konyaaltı Anatolian High School as a German teacher.

At a meeting with class presidents on Feb. 9 concerning school uniforms, F.G. reportedly suggested that “male students could follow girls who wear short skirts to make them feel uncomfortable, after which the students would eventually have to dress ‘properly.’”

The subject was raised during a teachers’ meeting at the school on Feb. 10 after a number of class presidents told other teachers about the vice principal’s remarks.

According to the record of the meeting, F.G. admitted making the suggestion and again defended it.
However, F.G. has since refuted suggesting such a plan.

“Everything I discussed with my students is private. We don’t tell others what we discuss at the meetings. I hold meetings with the class presidents every day. We talk about everything, including the classroom layout and cleaning. We discussed what should be discussed. I don’t understand where [the claims] have come from,” F.G. said.