Turkish scientists unveil unmanned off-road vehicle

Turkish scientists unveil unmanned off-road vehicle

ANKARA – Anadolu Agency
Turkish scientists unveil unmanned off-road vehicle

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Turkish scientists on July 6 unveiled an unmanned off-road vehicle developed for tasks such as border patrols and bomb disposal.

Developed by a team at Ankara’s Middle East Technical University under Buğra Koku, the tractor-like vehicle can map its own route to avoid obstacles and is likely to see service with the Turkish armed forces.

“Our vehicle has been designed with a semi-autonomous system enabling support and decision algorithms and it can be controlled remotely and wirelessly if required,” İlhan Konukseven, a mechanical engineering professor at the university, told Anadolu Agency.

Konukseven said the vehicle could be used in a variety of roles, including terrain mapping, bomb disposal, search and rescue, detecting and transporting toxic or dangerous substances, border monitoring and exploring inaccessible terrain.

“The vehicle can make its own route by considering the environmental conditions on its way,” he added. The vehicle is equipped with a 360-degree camera and laser sensors for 3D mapping.