Turkish police warn families against radicalism

Turkish police warn families against radicalism

Young people with economic, social, psychological, and family problems are more susceptible to become members of terror organizations, according to a book released by the Security General Directorate, Anadolu Agency reported Aug. 30.

 The book “Youth and Radicalism” claims young people who have problems in their families or have economic, social, psychological problems, can easily be radicalized and become a member of terrorist organizations.The book, prepared by the Anti-Terrorism Directorate, addresses young people and families, saying radical organizations are deceiving young people and using them against society and the state to cause disorder.

“The opportunities for young people to express themselves in legal political grounds must be developed,” said the book, urging families that young people must be treated as adults and should be raised as self-sufficient individuals.

University, media, police must cooperate: Book

It also calls on universities and NGOs to provide accommodation and scholarships to students whose financial situation is not well off.

The book also said universities, police and the media should cooperate in broadcasting soap operas and TV shows about terror. The book also warns that these organizations have several methods to deceive young people, such as “making friends with the opposite sex, using relatives, or hometown relations, as well as using social and cultural activities.”

Crime organizations refer to the young people they recruit as “our children” and meet these young people’s psychological and social needs with different methods, said the book. The book also cites reasons to join terror organizations as “excitement, escaping from authority, and adventurous feelings.” Meanwhile, Turkish daily BirGün said Aug. 29 that the book defined the Confederation of Progressive Trade Unions (DİSK) as the place where illegal leftists first come together.