Turkish parliament also hosts ‘colorful’ deputies

Turkish parliament also hosts ‘colorful’ deputies

Hande Fırat - ANKARA
Turkish parliament also hosts ‘colorful’ deputies

Despite the gray and official stance of politicians, the Turkish parliament also hosts colorful entertaining personalities, from deputies who paint, sing and play the blues to those playing sports and wearing fun socks.

Main opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu, who changed the stagnant and cold air in the parliament with two songs earlier, says she grew up in a house where folk songs were always listened to.

She can play classical guitar and bağlama, an indigenous Turkish lute-like instrument.

“The music of the geography where we were born is based on life experiences. Therefore, it is important where, when and in which environment the folk song you sing or listen to,” she said.

“When I sing folk songs in the parliament, I become a human rights defender for freedom against prohibitions. While singing to my daughter, I live the feeling of motherhood to the fullest. And when I sing alone, I feel the notes integrate with my cells,” she added.

In the parliament, she sang “Everyway That I Can,” the winning song of the Eurovision Song Contest 2003 sung by Sertab Erener for Türkiye, with Aynur Doğan’s folk song “Dar Hejiroke.”

She said she felt the power of art when deputies from all political views congratulated her, saying “You explained the feelings that we couldn’t explain for 30 years in 50 seconds.”

On the other hand, Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Tokat Deputy Yücel Bulut is known for his love for animals. Whenever he gets a chance, Bulut takes his breath in the private zoo in Ankara’s Gölbaşı district.

“I recently bottle-fed a baby bear that was to be sent to its mother. I also loved tiger and lion cubs,” he said.

“It would be the healthiest for them to live in their natural habitat,” he added.

Separately, to paint is a dream that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) Giresun Deputy Sabri Öztürk has been chasing since childhood.

“They ask me, ‘Why do you always paint winter pictures?’ I was born in Pınarlar, a forest village, a cute corner of the Black Sea where every shade of yellow, orange, green and blue stretches as far as possible.”

Öztürk noted that winters were long in the village and that this is the reason he loves drawing winter pictures so much.

“When we remove art from our lives, everything becomes insipid,” he added.

Uğur Poyraz, the secretary general of the İYİ (Good) Party, who draws attention with his suspenders, is a “cheerful sock collector.”

“My head is bowed out of respect for my nation, and every time I bow my head, I like to see something that makes me smile.”

The AKP has 286 seats in parliament, while the MHP is represented in parliament with 48 MPs.

The CHP holds 134 seats in parliament as HDP has 65 deputies and the İYİ Party has 37 deputies.

The Workers’ Party of Türkiye (TİP) has four lawmakers. Other seats belong to minor parties, including the Democrat Party (DP) with two seats, the Felicity Party (SP) with one seat and the Great Unity Party (BBP) with one seat.