Turkish athlete sets new paragliding record

Turkish athlete sets new paragliding record

Turkish athlete sets new paragliding record

A Turkish national athlete has set a new Turkish paragliding record with a 296-kilometer flight through Central Anatolia.

Oğuzkan Sadeer launched from the south side of Asma Hill near the Central Anatolian province of Çorum’s Bayat district and was in the air for nearly eight hours and 15 minutes. 

He flew through Çorum-Salt Lake line, taking advantage of thermal air currents from the southeast, and landed somewhere near Konya, another Central Anatolian province.

Çorum Sportif Aviation Club chair Ali Karınlıoğu said that they were very happy because they successfully completed the record attempt.

“The flying time [with a paraglider] of eight hours and 15 minutes was the country record. We rivaled the previous record with a distance of 296 kilometers,” said Karınlıoğlu.

“We also broke the regional record. We became the first in the world among the flights made that day. We are very happy,” he added.

Noting that the geographical region, air currents, weather and flight route are very important for long-distance flights, Karınlıoğlu stressed that the Bayat district, where the takeoff takes place is point zero.

“The first point where the Black Sea climate ends and the continental climate begins is the Bayat district of Çorum. This is where the long-distance record is best broken. We wait for our pilot friends here,” he added.