Turkish packaging industry boosts exports

Turkish packaging industry boosts exports

Turkish packaging industry boosts exports The Turkish packaging industry has boasted strong exports, and the top representative of the sector has urged the country to rely more on the production of such higher value-added goods.

Packaging Manufacturers’ Association (ASD) Chairman Sadettin Korkut said an economic policy focused on value-added production and innovation must be adopted to reduce the country’s foreign trade deficit, one of Turkey’s largest problems.

Speaking at a meeting on Sept. 11, the chairman said the packaging industry had made significant contributions to the Turkish economy by not causing any foreign trade deficit.

Korkut stated that the packaging industry reached a volume of $16.2 billion in 2013, adding that this volume enabled the existence of a $220-280 billion economy.

“We expect the industry to reach a market size of $18 to 19 billion in 2014,” Korkut said, adding that the sector contributed to the country’s economy with its export operations.

The packaging industry sector exports products with added-value and does not harm the foreign trade deficit, according to Korkut.

In 2013, the sector exported $3.6 billion-worth of products to 183 countries. The sector’s exports reached $1.96 billion in the first six months of 2014, maintaining steady growth from last year.