Turkish Olympics select stars of song

Turkish Olympics select stars of song

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish Olympics select stars of song

The children at the event visited the Doğan Medya Center in Ankara yesterday.

The “Stars of Song” finals, organized as part of the 10th International Turkish Olympic Games, took place June 5 at Istanbul’s Sinan Erdem Sports Center.

Culture and Tourism Minister Eruğrul Günay reminded participants of the historical figures who highlighted the importance of the Turkish language during their lifetimes. “Thanks to this event the soul of Karamanoğlu Mehmet Bey, who has made Anatolia the motherland of Turkish, rests in peace as well as the soul of poet Yahya Kemal, who said ‘My Turkish is my mother’s milk on my mouth,’ and Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who said the Turkish nation knows how to protect its country and nation and will definitely rescue its language from the oppression of foreign languages,” Günay said.

Competitors in the 10th “Stars of Song” finals performed before a jury comprised of Turkish Radio and Television (TRT) General Director İbrahim Şahin as well as Garo Mafyan, Kayahan, Anjelika Akbar, Ahmet Özhan, Mehmet Ali Birand, Mehmet Akbay, Polat Yağcı, Hamdi Alkan, Işın Karaca, Mustafa Sandal, Necati Şaşmaz and Melihat Gülses.

Ruslan Annamammedov from Turkmenistan ranked first in the competition with Sema Sultanova from Azerbeijan ranking second and Patton Otlivio Latu peirissa from Indonesia in third.

The Foundation for Istanbul Culture and Arts (IKSV) Chairman Bülent Eczacıbaşı received TÜRKÇEDER’s “Kaşgarlı Mahmur Turkish Language Award” on behalf of the foundation for its contribution to Turkish culture and language. He was presented the award by Günay.

The 10th International Turkish Olympics opened May 30 with a ceremony at Istanbul’s Four Seasons Hotel, kicking off a celebration of the Turkish language with the participation of 1,500 students from 135 countries around the world.

The event will close on June 14 at Türk Telekom Arena, following an award ceremony held June 9 in Ankara. The closing show will be presented with help from 290 students.