Turkish officials to meet over German ‘radicalization center’

Turkish officials to meet over German ‘radicalization center’

Turkish officials to meet over German ‘radicalization center’

Muslims shout slogans near a mosque in Berlin. REUTERS Photo

Turkish officials are set to hold a meeting in Ankara today following the creation of a "Radicalization Consultancy Center" in Germany that has been perceived as a new method of blacklisting Muslims, daily Habertürk has reported.

The center, which began operations at the start of 2012, calls on German citizens to provide information about people they witness becoming "radical.”

Officials responsible for overseas Turks, as well as authorities from the Foreign Ministry, Justice Ministry, EU Ministry, National Intelligence Organization (MİT) and the Religious Affairs Directorate will meet in Ankara to discuss counter measures against the center.

"Launching a new intelligence network with a new complaint movement could lead to serious troubles," a Turkish official speaking on condition of anonymity said. "It is not clear under which criteria radicalization will be defined."

An advertorial poster for the center includes a photo of a headscarved woman that says: “This is my friend Fatma. I miss her, because I cannot recognize her anymore. Day by day she is becoming distant and more radical. I am afraid of totally losing her to the hands of fanatics and terrorist organizations. If you have the same concerns as me, contact the Radicalization Consultancy Center by calling 0911-9434343 or sending an email to beratung@bamf.bund.de.”