Turkish movie to compete in Madrid

Turkish movie to compete in Madrid

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Turkish movie to compete in Madrid

‘Hicaz’ by Erdal Rahmi Hanay will compete at the 2012 Madrid Film Festival.

A Turkish movie, “Hicaz,” has been nominated in four categories, including Best Picture, at the 2012 Madrid International Film Festival.

The film’s director is Erdal Rahmi Hanay and its cast features Nilüfer Saltık, Mehmet Işık and Clarisse Gorokhoff. While Gorokhoff has been nominated for Best non-English Language Actress, the movie’s original music, composed by Erkan Oğur, was also nominated for Best Soundtrack.

The Madrid International Film Festival is an international film event celebrating movie making, while bringing together film makers and the business of film making, from the smallest independent film maker to the most popular English and foreign language films and is open to all film genres. This year the festival will take place June 6 to 9.

Hicaz literally means barrier or obstacle. The film “Hicaz” is the first film in the planned Makam trilogy of Hicaz, Saba and Nihavend. It tells the story of various characters whose bodies or souls have been seized by disease.

The film is made of five different stories, each on its own axis, reflecting a different struggle of each character, touching the others consciously or unconsciously.