Turkish minister talks energy security with senior US official

Turkish minister talks energy security with senior US official

ISTANBUL - Anadolu Agency
Turkish minister talks energy security with senior US official

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Energy Minister Ali Rıza Alaboyun has said he discussed several key energy security issues with U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Antony Blinken in a closed meeting on Nov. 20. 

“We talked about security supply security issues. We exchanged ideas about the integration of Iraqi natural gas into the global system, how energy reserves in the East Mediterranean should be evaluated, and the exiting situation regarding the gas pipelines that pass through Turkey,” Alaboyun said after his meeting with Blinken in Istanbul. 

Stating that Turkey is a “bridge between huge energy-producing countries and consumers,” Alaboyun added that Turkey has the potential to host many more pipelines carrying energy sources, mainly gas, from east to the west. 

“In our meeting with Blinken, we focused on the need to maintain the energy supply security of Turkey as well as Europe. The energy demand of both Turkey and Europe has been growing steadily. As Turkey, energy supply security tops our agenda,” he said. 

Alaboyun also touched on the state of the planned Turkish Stream projects with Russia, about which question marks have arisen in recent months. Upon a question about media reports of surprising support for the project from the EU, he said Ankara was still keen to push ahead. 

Turkey is positive about the development of the project as the gas flow from Russia to Turkey through the West Pipe will end by 2021 and this future deficit must be compensated somehow. 

“We’ll give the details of the projects to the new cabinet, to be established very soon, and transfer the issue to the new minister,” Alaboyun added.