Turkish man sent bomb to father for inheritance: Court

Turkish man sent bomb to father for inheritance: Court

Turkish man sent bomb to father for inheritance: Court

Alican Kurdaş (L) and his father Osman Özdemir Kurdaş

A Turkish man who had sent a bomb-laden package to his father had plotted the murder plan to acquire his properties as inheritance, a Turkish court said in its detailed ruling on Sept. 12. 

Alican Kurdaş was sentenced to 35 years in jail last year after he personally delivered a package to his father’s company’s office in Istanbul on Nov. 11, 2017.

Security camera footage presented by the prosecutor showed the defendant — wearing a biker’s helmet — while giving the package to his father’s assistant, before it exploded.

According to Demirören News Agency, Istanbul Anadolu 1st Heavy Penal Court, which sentenced Kurdaş last year for “deliberate attempted murder,” “using explosive material spreading fear, panic and concern” and “keeping explosive materials without permission,” released its detailed ruling.

“Kurdaş had decided to kill his father to acquire the economic value that he would get through inheritance,” the ruling said.

The ruling added that the man thought he had disguised himself successfully while delivering the package, so he returned to his father’s office to see the effect of the explosion and to clear the air of suspicion on him.

Although Kurdaş voiced regret at the court, the judge refused to make any reduction on the sentence.

The blast occurred at a four-story building at an electronics and engineering company owned by businessman Osman Özdemir Kurdaş in the Zümrütevler neighborhood of Istanbul’s Maltepe district on Nov. 11.

Two people, including the father, were seriously injured in the explosion, which was initially probed as a possible terror attack.

The father had said in his testimony that his son was working with him for a salary of 6,000 Turkish Liras but often complained of earning too little.

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