Turkish man paraglides while sipping on coffee

Turkish man paraglides while sipping on coffee

Turkish man paraglides while sipping on coffee

A paragliding instructor in the Mediterranean resort town of Fethiye just took his business to new heights by drinking Turkish coffee and eating Turkish delight while paragliding in the air.

Taking the skies on a sofa and flying around watching TV in his slippers last week, paragliding pilot and instructor Hasan Kaval decided to turn his crazy idea into reality.

Kavala prepared a Turkish coffee by boiling water with a heater at the table he attached to a parachute while he was giving an interview to an Anadolu Agency reporter hundreds of meters above sea level.

The duo made a successful landing at BelceKızı Beach after half an hour of coffee drinking in the sky.

Noting that being in the air has become a passion for him, Kaval stated that he knows what to do before, during and after the flight.

“Face-to-face flight was also a different experience for me,” said Kaval, adding that he blazed a trail to introduce Mount Babadağ.

“The ones watching the videos convey that they want to come to Turkey and have this experience. Such beautiful feedbacks make us even happier,” he added.

Customizing a red leather sofa with a metal frame to which he attached a parachute and wheels, as well as a footstool and television, Kaval took to the skies on July 2 at Ölüdeniz (Blue Lagoon) in Fethiye.

Towering above the stunning Ölüdeniz or Blue Lagoon nestling on the coastline, the Mount Babadağ in Fethiye is considered one of the best sites in the world for paragliding.