Turkish man bites off wife’s fingers during quarrel

Turkish man bites off wife’s fingers during quarrel

Salim Uzun ANTALYA
Turkish man bites off wife’s fingers during quarrel A Turkish man has bitten off his wife’s fingers in an argument over firing a rifle during their hunting trip in the southern province of Antalya, according to a criminal complaint.

The 24-year-old barber, identified only by the initials K.D., convinced his estranged 17-year-old wife, who he married nine months ago, to come on a hunting trip with him, hours after the two reconciled their long-running differences on March 6.

However, the couple started to argue again after K.D. tried to get his wife to fire a shot with his rifle in Antalya’s Bucak forest.

The quarrel quickly turned into a physical fight, during which K.D. allegedly bit off parts of his wife’s fingers. A truck driver who was passing by heard screams and called the police, which led to K.D.’s detention.

The man has been released pending trial. The woman was taken to hospital, but has no life-threatening injuries.

“He tried to kill me. He bit my fingers and tried to rip them off. I felt my flesh being removed,” the woman told the police.

Her mother and father described the attack as “barbarism,” saying they were initially not able to recognize their daughter after the incident as her face was badly bruised and swollen.

K.D. has pleaded not guilty, claiming that the woman “beat herself” and her family “put a spell” on him.

“I have caught her messages to my uncle’s son. I think she is cheating on me ... But I still love my wife. I don’t wantto see our relationship end like this,” he said.