Turkish James Bond actor wants new role in ‘Skyfall’

Turkish James Bond actor wants new role in ‘Skyfall’

ISTANBUL - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish James Bond actor wants new role in ‘Skyfall’

Nusret Ataer says he went to the Grand Bazaar where the new James Bond film was shot in Istanbul and introduced himself to the film team for a new role.

Turkish actor Nusret Ataer, who performed with Sean Connery in the second film of the 007 James Bond series, “From Russia with Love” - some of the scenes for which were shot in Istanbul in 1963 - wants to have a role in the latest film of the series, “Skyfall.” 

Ataer, 78, who began acting when he met the owner of Lale Film Company, İlhan Filmer, and got involved in trade business after serving cinema for four years, spoke to the Anatolia news agency about his Bond adventure. 

“Filmer knew I was a boxer, a musician and was driving too fast. I went to his office and he told me they needed someone to act in the James Bond film. I accepted the proposal and he took my photos. Then I talked to the director of the film, Terence Young. He told me to buy a grey suit, a blue shirt, a blue-black tie and a coat. They taught me my lines and the shooting took three or four hours.”

Ataer said he posed with Connery and Daniela Bianchi during the shooting. “I was very excited. I still feel the same and it still haunts my dreams.” 

He said it was his first film, and that he had acted in many films in Turkey after James Bond. “I took a break in 1967, but still dream of James Bond although 49 years have passed. The writer of the James Bond books, Ian Fleming, lived in Turkey for 30 years, but everyone knows it as 10 years. He said a James Bond film would be made in Istanbul again after 50 years. I was always waiting for it. Now they are here.” 

Ataer said he had gone to the Grand Bazaar where the film was shot in Istanbul, and continued: “I have a photo with Connery. I showed the photo to the film team. They did not believe me at first but then they showed me big interest. Daniel Craig took me and we posed together. They treated me very well and called the producer of the film, Barbara Broccoli. I met her daughter and sister and told them I wanted to act in a James Bond film again. They told me that they would call me to deliver the photos to me. Now I’m waiting to hear from them.”

Ataer said he had played the role of Turkish agent Mehmet, and that shootings were made in Sirkeci Train Station, although shown as Belgrade in the film. 

He said that he had earned money from cinema only from the James Bond film. “I earned 27,500 Turkish Liras. A cinema ticket was 2 liras and house rent was 150 liras. It was very good money.” 

He also added that he wanted to have a role in future Turkish films, especially “Kurtlar Vadisi” (Valley of the Wolves).