Illegal fishers fined $2.4M in 2019 in Turkey

Illegal fishers fined $2.4M in 2019 in Turkey

ANKARA-Anadolu Agency
Illegal fishers fined $2.4M in 2019 in Turkey

So far in 2019, Turkish illegal fishers were given 14.1 million Turkish lira ($2.4 million) in administrative fines during coast guard
inspections, the Coast Guard Command said on Sept. 5.

Coast Guard Command teams, authorized by the Coast Guard Act and Fisheries Act, do inspections to prevent illegal fishing activities and protect the country's maritime resources.

A total of 4,173 people who engaged in illegal fishing were fined by Coast Guard units so far in 2019, while in all of last year, 4,568 people were fined 12.4 million Turkish lira ($2.1 million) for illegal fishing.

As a part of the protection of marine resources, coast guard units in 2019 intervened in 105 incidents that caused marine pollution.

A total of 5.4 million Turkish liras ($984,402) in administrative fines were imposed on people for polluting the sea so far this year.

Also, 70 out of 80 ship/boat owners were fined 1.2 million Turkish liras ($224,832) for not submitting required legal documents.

The inspections are done in the context of regional and seasonal constraints covering document checks and technical checks.

Under relevant legislation, violators are given administrative fines, and illegally obtained products onboard as well as the fishing equipment used is confiscated.