Turkish Cyprus wishes to be world’s trade center

Turkish Cyprus wishes to be world’s trade center

Turkish Cyprus wishes to be world’s trade center

It is the greatest desire of Turkish Cypriots to make the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) one of the most important trade centers in the world, its prime minister said on Sept. 22. 

Ersan Saner told Anadolu Agency that his government keeps relations with Turkey at the highest level and it is satisfied with the economic and cooperation work between the two countries.

He noted that four different protocols have been signed between TRNC and Turkey, including the construction of land routes and infrastructure in cooperation between universities and municipalities.

Saner expressed that the TRNC would like to see more investors from Turkey.

"The economy of the TRNC is based on the services sector. The most important source of income of our economy is provided by tourism and higher education,” he said.

“It is our greatest desire to increase the volume of trade in the country not only depending on these two points of our economy, but also in general, to make the TRNC, such as Dubai and Singapore, one of the most important commercial centers in the world.

“In addition, on Nov. 15, the first passengers set foot at the new Ercan State Airport. During my visit to the Iskenderun Chamber of Commerce and Industry, I said that we want to see investors in our country who can transfer capital, bring experts and technological designs to the country, and I urged such investors to invest in the TRNC.

“I believe that any initiative to be made in this regard will also be welcomed by our government, and investments from Turkey’s southeastern province of Hatay and the motherland itself, especially in the industrial zone that we will create in our village of Güvercinlik, can make a serious contribution to the economy."

Saner thanked Turkey for its financial and moral support during the coronavirus pandemic and said the TRNC has turned into a development-oriented construction site.

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