Turkish chef represents Turkey in China

Turkish chef represents Turkey in China

Turkish chef represents Turkey in China

Turkish master chef Deniz Orhun has taken part in the International Gastronomy Forum, with aims to strengthen gastronomic cultural exchange between the countries on the Chinese Silk Road and China, as a speechmaker for the first time on behalf of Turkey. 

Organized by the China Cuisine Association, under the leadership of the United Nations, UNESCO and World Chefs’ Federation, the International Gastronomy Forum was held in Pingdu-Qingdao between Sept. 7 and 10 with the theme “24 Solar Terms Regimen,” where foods are prepared, cooked and consumed according to 24 solar terms.

The forum was participated by many top level figures from several countries. 

Speakers stressed at the forum that the “24 Solar Terms Regimen” had been a correct nutrition technique to prevent diseases overall rather than a way to treat diseases. The necessity to comply with such a regimen and its benefits were explained with scientific data. 

Based on her presentation with the theme of “What we eat affects how we act, from soil to palate,” she noted that the food products of Turkish cuisine culture, its geographically indicated products and popular plants had gained great attraction. 

Taking part in the board of directors of the Turkish Cuisine Culture Research and Implementation Center of Başkent University and launching projects with Thermopolium Gastronomy Academy, for which she has been acting as a consultant, Orhun explains that agriculture is an integral part of gastronomy. 

“The 24 Solar Terms Regimen is the most important living proof of today’s agenda. The practitioner of this type of eating dates back to ancient China. Protected by UNESCO, this gastronomy culture regimen is said to be very close to Turkish cuisine and culture,” said Orhun. 

“Turkish cuisine and Chinese cuisine are essentially very close because they depend on medicine. In this respect, using traditional tastes of countries as the foods of the future for your health will be useful not only for us but also for world resources,” she added.