Turkish breeds are the world’s best herd-protecting dogs: Breeder

Turkish breeds are the world’s best herd-protecting dogs: Breeder

Turkish breeds are the world’s best herd-protecting dogs: Breeder

The best herd-protecting dogs in the world are Kangals, Aksaray Malaklisis, Anadolu bandogs and Anadolu whiteheads, all of which are found in Turkey, according to a Turkish dog breeder.

Akif Metin, owner of a 20,000-square meter ranch in central Çankırı’s Eldivan district, told Anadolu Agency that he had been in the business of breeding the world-famous dogs for years, and today exports them to the U.S., Russia and China in addition to selling them across Turkey.

“Turkish bandogs are the best herd-protecting dogs in the world,” Metin said.

He said dogs from the region could now be found in all corners of the world. Kangals are even available in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Africa.

“Kangals are protecting herds against wild animals in Africa as we speak,” he said.

Kangals are large dogs, which is one of the reasons why most shepherds prefer to use them to protect their cattle herds.

According to the Sivas Provincial Governorship, Kangal dogs are strong, intelligent, herd-protecting dogs. Their weight varies between 50 kilograms (110 pounds) and 60 kilograms (132 pounds) for males, and 41 kilograms (90 pounds) and 59 kilograms (130 pounds) for females.

Breeds such as the Anadolu whitehead dog are also popular. This particular breed was recently selected as the best herd-protecting dog in America, he added.

Top price for top dogs

He said puppies bred at his ranch start at 3,000 Turkish liras ($800).

Adult dogs can range from 20,000 ($5,200) to 100,000 liras ($26,000), Metin said.

Some Turkish breeds have even bagged top prizes at beauty contests.

Metin said a Kangal dog he raised recently came first in a dog beauty contest and was sold to an owner in Dubai for 70,000 liras ($18,500).

Another Anadolu bandog dog he raised came first in a beauty contest for which he is now looking to get 100,000 liras ($26,000).

To indicate the strength of his business, Metin said there are currently 200 dogs at his ranch and each year 600 puppies are born. 

Metin has called for more awareness about dogs from the Anatolian region so that the value of the unique breeds could be better appreciated.