Turkish army attempts to draft paralyzed Russian man

Turkish army attempts to draft paralyzed Russian man

ISTANBUL - Hürriyet Daily News
Turkish army attempts to draft paralyzed Russian man

Gülsüm Kabadayı, who has three other children, says Mustafa is a part of their family and that she will not let his real family take him from her. AA photo

Turkish authorities have attempted to draft a Russian man left paralyzed following an accident in 2008 in Antalya who became a Turkish citizen after he lost the ability to express himself and could not be identified.

Following the official summons from the Turkish Military, an “inconvenient for military service” report was given to the man, whose official name is Mustafa Öz.

Öz’s original nationality is also a matter of doubt, according to Gülsüm Kabadayı, who has been taking care of him voluntarily since the accident.

Kabadayı stayed with him in the hospital for over 300 days, 110 of which Öz, who Kabadayı nicknamed Umut, spent in intensive care. Umut soon received a Turkish ID card identifying him as Mustafa Öz and was placed under state care upon his release.

Speaking to the Hürriyet Daily News, Gülsüm Kabadayı said she had three children and Mustafa was the fourth one. “He is a part of our family,” she said.

When Kabadayı was asked how the Turkish ID was given to Mustafa, she said his family could not be located after the accident.

“I was told that he was Russian or from another neighboring country of Russia at the hospital in 2008 after the accident but this information was not confirmed. That’s why I do not know if he is Russian or not. It does not matter in the end, he is my son, his religion, language, race, these are not the things I am interested in. If his mother is alive, let her know Mustafa is safe but I want her to connect with us,” Kabadayı said.

Kabadayı also said she would not let his real family take him from her.

“When he was discharged from the hospital his weight was only 30 kgs, now his health is so good. It is not obligatory to give birth to someone to be his mother. But I can offer [his mother] to settle down in Antalya and we can take care of him together,” she said.

A military service summon is a routine procedure for every male Turkish citizen, she added. Russian Culture Association member and businesswoman Olga Hevtsov said there was not clear information regarding Öz’s national identity, but when he watches Russian TV he obviously reacts.