Turkish Airlines set to hire 8,000 employees this year

Turkish Airlines set to hire 8,000 employees this year

Turkish Airlines set to hire 8,000 employees this year

 National flag carrier Turkish Airlines will offer employment to 8,000 people in 2019, its chairman İlker Aycı has said.
“Turkish Airlines is a family with 60,000 members and we are celebrating our 86th anniversary. We will employ about 1,150 new chief pilots as well as 2,300 people as cabin crew. We are planning to employ more than 8,000 people in 2019. Our family of 60,000 will become 68, 000,” Aycı said in an interview on private broadcaster CNN Türk yesterday.

“We are the fifth air company in the world on passenger transportation. The secureness of our flights, the quality of services we provide and the strong bonds we have established with passengers are indicators of this,” he added.
Aycı also expressed that flights from the new Istanbul Airport will begin on April 6 as of 2 p.m.
“We are moving to the world’s biggest airport, we are not buying it, our investors shall not be mistaken. We are moving to a spectacular facility which will grant us new experiences. Aircrafts from Atatürk Airport will arrive without passengers and planes in other locations will come with passengers. It will be a time in which we will need to resort to the tolerance of our passengers,” he said.

Aycı added that the moving process will be transformed into a documentary and its story will be shared with the public.

“We are especially preparing short videos about the airport which will provide information to our passengers. Airport personnel and a mobile application we have prepared will guide the passengers in the airport,” he underlined.
The mobile app will even show the gates of the flights, according to the chairman, adding that support centers are increased in number as well.
“We have built new waiting areas to make our passengers more comfortable. We will now translate announcements into six languages. In lounge areas, passengers will be able to jump off Galata Tower and fly over the Bosporus with the virtual reality glasses we will provide,” he added.

Aycı also underlined that new planes such as the Boeing 787-900 Dreamliner and six 787 aircrafts will start to take off as of June.

“Eight new lines will start to function including flights to see the Northern Lights. We will ensure that tourists come visit ancient city Göbeklitepe with our new flights,” he said.
“We are carrying 76 percent of passengers arriving to Turkey. With Sun Express, about half a million passengers will arrive with a total of 1.5 million increase in passengers,” Aycı said.