Turkish cartoon to be seen in 3D

Turkish cartoon to be seen in 3D

ESKİŞEHİR - Anatolia News Agency
Turkish cartoon to be seen in 3D

The TRT channel’s cartoon series ‘Peppee’ will come to the screen as a 3D film.

A 3D feature film is in the works based on the Turkish cartoon series Pepee, which is produced by Düşyeri Cartoon and Animation Studios and airs on TRT’s Çocuk channel.

The owner of the studio and creator of the cartoon character Pepee, Ayşe Şule Bilgiç, said in a written statement that the technical infrastructure of the studio, located in the central Anatolian province 

of Eskişehir, has been improved with the addition of new HP technology. 

“The production of Pepee has sped up [thanks to the new technology],” Bİlgiç said. “We had been producing Pepee with a simple computer system for some three years. Our budget was limited and our computers were very slow, but that did not keep us from creating Pepee. The new system is faster 
and we are planning to make a Pepee 3D film soon.”

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