Turkey’s ski resorts expect tourism boom in new year

Turkey’s ski resorts expect tourism boom in new year

ANTALYA - Demirören News Agency
Turkey’s ski resorts expect tourism boom in new year

The officials are expecting a tourism boom in more than 50 ski resorts in Turkey in the new year despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic as people have started booking resorts with a 4-day stay, including the weekend.

“There will be no new year celebrations this year. Guests will adhere to coronavirus measures,” said Halit Ergül, head of local hotel owners’ union in the Black Sea region.

“With last minute reservations, we expect the hotels to be full,” said Mehmet Kamçı, a travel agent, adding that there was demand from abroad as well.

“As most of the places in Europe have closed, Turkey has become a must-go place this year for Russians. Especially Russians and Ukrainians show great interest to the Erciyes, Uludağ, Kartalkaya, Palandöken and Sarıkamış ski resorts,” Kamçı said.

Haluk Beceren, a hotel owner in Uludağ, which is a famous ski resort in the northwestern province of Bursa, has underlined a minor rise in the accommodation prices.

“As the hotels will service with 70 percent capacity, the prices have slightly risen to 20-25 percent,” Beceren noted.

“We have more reservations this December than last year,” Ergül said, adding that he hopes a new intercity travel ban would not be announced before the new year vacation.

“If there will be no restrictions, the sector will not face much distress.”