Turkey’s most dangerous shortcut scares locals

Turkey’s most dangerous shortcut scares locals

ORDU - Demirören News Agency
Turkey’s most dangerous shortcut scares locals

Locals in the Kabadüz district of the Black Sea province of Ordu call the road with 18 sharp bends that cuts the trip to the city center by two hours as “the most dangerous shortcut in the country.”

The road was laid down during a power station construction in 2013 and has been reopened by the requests of the locals of five neighborhoods.

While talking about the pros and cons of the road, Mithat Tepe, the local head of the Özlükent village, said, “Going to the city center takes 2.5 hours by car normally. By this shortcut, we reach in half an hour. But it is too dangerous.”

People are scared to death while driving, the locals said, asking the authorities to put barriers on the road.

“I used that road once. It is really frightening. I will never drive there again,” said Havva Topçu, a local, adding that one of her relatives ran into a stream while driving through that road.

Another local, Muhammet Tepe has warned the drivers about the risk of driving through the road during rainy weather.

“There is a risk of landslides on rainy days,” said Tepe.