Turkey’s first tattoo academy to start training 

Turkey’s first tattoo academy to start training 

Turkey’s first tattoo academy to start training

In an attempt to train qualified tattoo artists, the Tattoo Master Academy has opened with the cooperation of Beykent University

The first tattoo academy to have an international training program in Turkey, different options are offered to trainees, including full-time, part-time, evening and weekend courses. The Vocational Qualification Certificate, which will be given at the end of the training, will be valid in 27 member states of the European Union. The academy’s training will start on June 1 and last for two months.

Tattoo Master Academy, founded by Billur Ergün Cengiz and Batuhan Cengiz, was opened in order to train qualified tattoo artists under the roof of a university. Cengiz said that trainees of the academy can experience university life without being a university student.

“The theoretical education will be on the campus of the Beykent University. In this way, our students will also have a university experience. In other words, both a primary school graduate and a university graduate can apply to us and participate in our education program,” Cengiz said. 

“The aim of the program is to train qualified tattoo artists and to recruit these artists in our own studios and send them to studios in Europe with which we have a cooperation. The training program will continue for two months. Trainees will have a university certificate at the end of the program and, in addition, the Vocational Qualification Certificate with an exam. Thus, they will have employment opportunities in 27 countries,” Cengiz added.

Stating that the practical training will be given in their own studio in Istanbul’s Akaretler district, Funda Şenoğlu, one of the tattoo artists in the academy, said: “We give an education under an academic roof, with qualified practitioners and instructors.

Lately, this work is really seen as an art. Because if we really think of the human body as a canvas, we transfer our art to that canvas.”

 Şenoğlu also said that the training to be given at the academy includes master practitioners with international awards. 

“One can attend the workshops of master practitioners and watch their performances. But first, they learn about the history of tattooing. Next, we offer a basic painting lesson. After that, we move on to the hygiene step, which is one of the most important steps as the riskiest part of this job actually starts there. After introducing the equipment, we start applications on artificial leathers and then continue with human models for a while. In the end, the trainees receive a certificate that will be valid in all countries of the European Union. This certificate makes them a universal artist. Another important advantage is that we provide job opportunities to our students in our own studios,” Şenoğlu said.