Turkey’s first mummy film begins production

Turkey’s first mummy film begins production

Turkey’s first mummy film, “Hayde Efem,” will begin shooting in Aydın on Oct. 1. The feature-length comedy, which will take place among the historical sites of Aydın, is the current project of amateur director Kerem Sarı.

Sarı directed the “Süper İncir” advertisement, currently popular in Turkey. He hopes the success of his commercial can be brought to Turkey’s first mummy flick as well.

Sarı said the movie would be the first shot in Aydın in 35 years and was designed to revive the forgotten values of Turkey. “With this movie we can present Aydın and its heritage to the world,” Sarı said.
“We aim to increase Aydın presence in world cinema. Muğla provides an example for us in this regard,” said Sarı, adding that the scenes would be shot in Çakırbeyli village as well as other historical sites.

Sarı is seeking the support of all Turks in a movie he hopes will compete in the international arena. The movie is supported locally by Aydın Municipality, as well as its mayor and Chamber of Commerce. The movie will also feature Alattin Arslan, secretary of Chamber of Commerce. Sarı aims to finish shooting the film in under five weeks, allowing it to reach theaters in March or April. The movie will also be brought to cinema festivals as part of an effort to showcase Aydın on the world stage.

Hülya Böcekli, Volkan Baş, Coşkun Kemer, Ece Yentür, Emine Yentür, Yiğit Dören, Nihat Kapız, Gülnihal Demir, Yeter Kapız, Ceyhan Kapız, Uğur Erdaş, Hülya Savaş, Mehmet Koşar and Furkan Kızılay are all set to play in the movie.