Turkey’s eastern cities’ families more crowded

Turkey’s eastern cities’ families more crowded

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Turkey’s eastern cities’ families more crowded

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Turkey’s average household size is remarkably higher in eastern provinces when compared to those in the west, according to figures revealed by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) yesterday.

The average number of households in Turkey totals more than 19.48 million with the average household size recorded as 3.8, according to 2011 figures. However, some eastern provinces saw average household sizes much larger than the country’s national average.

TÜİK’s research on population and housing revealed that provinces with the highest average household size were Sirnak with 8 an average of people per household, Hakkari with 7.9 and Siirt with 6.8 in the east of Turkey. Provinces with the smallest average household size were Canakkale with 2.9 people per household by average, Balikesir with 3 and Eskisehir also with 3 in the western part of Turkey.

Similarly, the average count of person per room is higher in the east than in the west. The highest figures were discovered again in Şırnak with 2.2, followed by Hakkari with 1.9 and Mardin with 1.9. The lowest figures were seen in Çanakkale with 0.8, Eskişehir with 0.8 and Burdur with 0.9.

However, the highest unemployment rate, according to TÜİK, was seen in eastern provinces, with Sirnak at the top of the unemployment rate list with a 15.3 percent unemployment rate, followed by Diyarbakır with 13.8 percent and Hakkari with 13 percent. The provinces having the lowest unemployment rates were Kastamonu with 3.5 percent, Canakkale with 4.2 percent and Nevsehir with 4.3 percent.

TÜİK President admits ‘mistake’

ANKARA – Anatolia News Agency

TÜİK made only one mistake in posting 268 groups of data last year, General Manger Birol Aydemir has said in defense of the state-run body and explaining that the controversial SMS application has been halted. However, he admitted that TÜİK violated the principle of sharing information concurrently with everyone. TÜİK suspended its SMS application temporarily after it revealed unemployment figures before the official time via SMS, adding that the company did not send SMS messages earlier on purpose.