Turkey's Dalaman Stream attracts adventurers

Turkey's Dalaman Stream attracts adventurers

MUĞLA-Anadolu Agency
Turkeys Dalaman Stream attracts adventurers

Dalaman Stream, one of the unique destinations in Turkey's Aegean region, draws both local and foreign adrenaline junkies.

Located in southwestern Muğla province, it has become a hot spot for adventurers, offering whitewater rafting.

Dalaman Rafting Center guide Fethi Keskin told Anadolu Agency that anyone can take up rafting regardless of their age.

“Visitors can go rafting once a day on Dalaman Stream. Dalaman has one of Turkey's most difficult tracks,” said Keskin, adding there are lots of rocks in the stream.

Highlighting that nearly 15,000 people go rafting in Dalaman during the season, Keskin added they are trying to promote rafting to increase the number of visitors.

He said the water level is at its lowest in July and August.

“We are starting from 830 meters and descending to 280 meters. In other words, starting from the peak and descending to the lower levels keeps the adrenaline high,” he stressed.

Tülin Dedemen, who came from Istanbul to do rafting, said the track is extremely exciting and difficult as well.

"I have done rafting before. This is my third time, and I love rafting,” said Dedemen.

Another visitor, Reyhan Kurkcu, said she had a very enjoyable day.

"I recommend rafting to everyone. The excitement and adrenaline was really high.”

Daan Jesse, a Dutch tourist who came to Muğla with his family for vacation, said rafting on Dalaman Stream is very exciting.